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Tri-State Growers

At the ending of World War II, the people of Tennessee began to show an extreme interest in forming their own business. Their hopes were to have a dependable source for production inputs needed in their farming operations.
After a study of farm supply cooperatives in other states, it was recommended that a federated cooperative system be established in Tennessee. With the combined efforts of the 33 county associations already established and the TN Farm Bureau Federation, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC) was chartered from the state on September 27, 1945


The foundation of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative is some 70,000 farmers who are members of their local Co-Op stores, such as Tri-State Growers Inc. The Cooperative system is a pyramid of ownership, the farmer members own their local Co-Op in which these local Co-Ops own TFC. However, you do not have to be a member of your local Co-Op store to shop there. With nearly 150 Co-op stores across Tennessee, including Tri-State Growers Inc., over half a million customers are provided quality products


Tri-State Growers, Inc. was chartered on May 3, 1945. The organization was formed with the purpose to engage in any activity in connection with the marketing or selling of the agricultural products of its members, or with the harvesting, preserving, drying, processing, canning, packing, grading, storing, handling, shipping or utilization thereof or the manufacturing or marketing of the byproducts thereof; or in connection with the manufacturing, selling, or supplying to its members machinery, equipment, or supplies; or in the financing of the above enumerated activities
Any person, firm, partnership, cooperation, or association, including both landlords and tenants in share tenancies, who is a bona fide producer of agricultural products in the territory in which Tri-State is engaged in business, and who agrees to be a patron of Tri-State, may become a member by acquiring a share of the common stock and meeting such other conditions as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. Tri-State Growers Inc, currently has over 800 members

The members of Tri-State Growers, Inc. are responsible for electing a board of directors. This board establishes Tri-State policies and employs the general manager. The general manager is responsible for the daily operations of the store and overseeing of the employees

At the present time the Board of Directors and general manager
are as follows:
Gerald Buckles President, Alfred Wilson Vice-President, John Brookshire Secretary, Van Arnold, Gale McGlamery, John Shull, Bill Tugman, Mel Wagner, Wayne Ward, Clint Robinson Manager. .

The Products and services offered at Tri-State include, feed, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, animal health, gardening, hardware, home and lawn specialties, fuel, tires, batteries, and accessories.
In our garden center we have numerous supplies for lawn and flower gardens, We specialize in monitor heater sales and service. In our tire center we specialize in light truck, car, and sport utility vehicle tires. Tri-State Growers Inc. is located at 101 Depot Street Mountain City, TN. The Mailing address is P.O. Box 908, also in Mountain City TN. The local phone number is (423)-727-7881 and toll free is 1-877-524-5378 or you can E-Mail us at crobinson@tristategrowers.com
Tri-State remains a cornerstone in the local community. A dedicated staff is ready to serve the needs of each customer with quality products.
We are the one stop-shopping place for the full time farmer as well as the weekend gardener.


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